Queer Black History: Willi Smith- Fashion For The People

“Models pose in clothes. People live in them” was the mantra of revered fashion designer Willi Smith. His designs pushed the boundaries of fashion from as early as 1976 creating affordable street-wise clothing that… Continue reading

Queer Black History: Patrick Kelly- Fashion in Perspective

Patrick Kelly was a Mississippi born fashion aficionado who rose to fame in Paris in the 1980’s for his eccentric yet elegant women’s designs. His creations were worn by the likes of Princess Diana,… Continue reading

Queer Black History

  With all that’s happened to the Black Community lately, I’ve been feeling a void. A void for justice, for racial harmony, for more queer-positive role models of colour… From the Michael Brown… Continue reading

Good Bad Decisions?

So we’ve all heard the adage “the best indicator of future choices is past decisions”, or something like that? I always thought it was just another thing people say as a scare tactic.. Like… Continue reading

Racial Preferences

Preference: “a greater liking for one alternative over another or others” Racism: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it… Continue reading

Out at Work

With last week’s coming out declaration by Apple CEO Tim Cook finally settling in, I’ve started to reanalyze what it means for me to be out at work. I work for one of the… Continue reading

A Trans Encounter

As I’ve rightly said before, dating is a maze of unknowns. I recently met a very attractive guy at a party where we shared a few chuckles and a few drinks and decided… Continue reading

Relationship Baggage

To say that relationships don’t come with a cart full of baggage that mostly has nothing to do with you is an understatement. Especially when that baggage is family. I was chatting with… Continue reading

Cher- Dressed To Kill Tour Review

One word. Fantastic. Make that two words- f***ing fantastic! If you’re still wondering, I’m referring to the one and only Cher. Her Dressed To Kill Tour stopped in Toronto last night at the… Continue reading

Buyers Club Debate

With award season winding down, my Twitter and Facebook feed has been bombarded with op-ed pieces criticizing the movie Dallas Buyers Club- which ironically won best actor and supporting actor at the Oscars… Continue reading